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What is Elite of the Fleet?

Adm. Rotae Lupin (BTM, MTeach)
Starfleet Administration
Starfleet Command
San Francisco

FWD: Introduction to Starfleet

To Whom it May Concern:

Please find below an overview of Starfleet for aspiring members. If there are questions regarding this information, please respond to this communication.

Elite of the Fleet is a community based on Star Trek's Starfleet. We are a community dedicated to all series of Star Trek. Members of our community can participate in fanart, fanfiction, graphics, trivia and other random contests while meeting new friends, discussing Star Trek and just generally having a good time.

Just like Starfleet, you need to apply to be considered for enlistment. Our enlistment is completed at enlist_in_fleet: this is where you should post your application. Please read these instructions before applying. Your application will be reviewed by our members and if your application is successful you will be enrolled in one of four Tracks: Exploratory Sciences, Medical, Operations and Tactical. Which Track you are enrolled in will depend on your answers to the application, so make sure that you take your time when filling out the questions. eliteofthefleet FAQ/General Rules can be found here once you have been accepted.

Once enlisted, you will spend your first four months at Starfleet Academy as a Cadet. Here, you can complete assignments (contests: fanfiction, fanart, trivia, graphics, etc.) and earn points for your Track as well as achieve individual honours. At the end of four months, the Track with the most points will receive commendations and their pick of the Fleet. In order to graduate, Cadets must complete at least one assignment and review at least ten applications for enlistment.

After you Graduate from Starfleet Academy, you will be assigned to one of four Starships. Our Fleet consists of four ships: the USS Defiant, the USS Excalibur, the USS Exeter and the USS Farragut. Each ship will receive missions (contests). These missions will include fanfiction, fanart, graphics and random contests that will be scheduled and voted upon by members of Starfleet.

Throughout the course of Long Term Missions (lasting four months) each ship will fight in battles. These will be timed contests such as trivia, encryptions, word scrambles, crosswords and other random contests. These contests will not be scheduled.

Once enlisted you will have the opportunity to receive individual honours and promotions. In order to be promoted, you must either win a contest or be nominated for one at the End of Mission/Graduation Superlatives (you will also automatically be promoted to Ensign once your cadetship is completed and you are assigned a ship).

The rankings for Elite of the Fleet are as follows:

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You may only be promoted once a term for contest wins. If you win more than one contest you will receive a commendation.

After the first round of Cadets have completed their training at fleet_academy applications will open up for First Officer, Communications Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Science Officer, Engineering Officer and Security Officer aboard each ship. These positions will be chosen by each Captain and will rotate after each Long Term Mission. These Officers will automatically be promoted to Lieutenant (if already not of that rank) for the duration of the Long Term Mission in order to carry out their duties.

Applications for Professors at fleet_academy will also open after graduation. These Officers will automatically be promoted to Lieutenant (if already not of that rank) until the end of graduation in order to carry out their duties.

Captains may also decide to choose a TA to undertake some of their duties during the first Enlistment Period. This will be done at the Captain's discretion.

Once you have won a contest for fanart, fanfiction or graphics whilst on board a ship, you will be granted access to the Starfleet Communications Network (CommNet). Here you may contribute to the Starfleet News by posting your fanart, fanfiction or graphics and earn extra points for your Ship.

The Command Comm is used for when members of Starfleet have need to discuss the community. While we encourage suggestion and will answer any issues you may have, please remember to be polite and courteous. This is a military after all!

fleet_command also contains detailed personality analysis profiles for each Track:
Tactical Track (Private) | Operations Track (Private) | Exploratory Sciences Track (Private) | Medical Track (Private) | Civilian (Public)

A mostly-closed community to the Fleet, this is a purely administrative area. If you are enlisted under a track you feel ill-suited for, you can request a re-enlistment duty here, for your Commanding Officers' consideration. In the event of conflict or an immediate need to speak to your captain or one of another ship, you may find their information here, and your admiral's here.

At the end of Long Term Missions, the Ship with the most points, will earn the title:

Admiral Lupin

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